Core Team Recruitment

When it comes to bringing in the right talent, we tend to think that big-name brands have it easy - or at least easier. High-calibre candidates flock to top-tier organizations like Google and Microsoft, reducing the recruitment process to a pleasant walk in the proverbial park.

For the rest of us, attracting quality candidates can be quite the challenge. Small businesses and start-ups competing with big brands for A-list talent often find themselves at a major disadvantage.The solution lies in social media recruitment.Social networks have completely reshaped the recruiting process. In the hiring process, size, brand recognition, and big budgets once prevailed. 

Now, however, engaging content, likeability, and genuine substance are the makings of easy and successful recruitment.Social media is an open and authentic means of attracting and targeting top talent, and it provides invaluable recruiting opportunities at little to no cost to the business.

 Even the smallest start-ups are now able to publish exciting job openings and communicate their company brand to the largest possible audience.Aside from its affordability, social media recruiting is an ideal match for the more organic, grass-roots nature of today's startup culture. Smaller companies are generally more successful at cultivating engaged followings on Facebook and Twitter, which is a huge leg up in the new recruitment arena. By presenting your company in an accessible, likeable manner and tapping into the right technology, hiring has never been so easy - or so economical.