Right from the very start, our consultants are commitment-compelled to understand your company in every aspect. From market stature and positioning to your unique culture, every element counts in making sure that we source and recommend the most suitable candidate for the job. Then we commence a thorough local and regional search, using multiple channels and innovative research process to sniff out only the best and most promising candidates for initial screening. The most effective candidate sourcing is done through a dynamic use of systemic approaches and intuitive methodologies. With a deep-seated knowledge of demographically and sensitive trends, we are able to capture candidates both active and passive.

Define Requirements:

  • Identify target companies
  • Determine jury and interview process
  • Meet stakeholders
  • Schedule regular progress meetings
  • Share potential candidate profiles



Find Candidates:

  • Pursue candidates at target companies and in network
  • Do initial screening interviews
  • Introduce candidates through resumes and qualification write-up
  • Incorporate feedback in search strategy




  • Understand candidate motivations
  • Take "360 degree" references
  • Set offer expectations with candidate to help close deal
  • Coach candidate and client through offer negotiation and close




  • Offer congratulations
  • Follow-up with client and candidate during first year. Seek ongoing recruitment process flow feedback for greater optimization.